Frequently Asked Questions

How does digital footprinting work?

Alectic works with artists, celebrities, product owners, and companies to create individual digital footprints for a wide range of items. The footprints are then stored onto our Alectic database system, which then holds all relevant information about an item, including a description of the item, photographs, the Alectic member who introduced the digital footprint, the dates of when the item was listed, any exchanges in ownership, and even whether the item is a limited edition. Once a digital footprint is listed, it can then be passed onto clients. We also create a timeline at the moment that the item is added to our Alectic database. The timeline then tracks the item between buyers and sellers, thus creating provenance and the history of the product.

How do I buy a item with a digital footprint?

Alectic has agreements with a variety of companies and artistes. You need to register for membership of Alectic before we can issue you with a digital footprint and track your item. Once registered, you can buy an item through participating outlets and when the item is bought you will receive a pin code and an item reference number. When you put the pin code and the reference number into our system it will match with the item which you have purchased and the digital footprint will then transfer into your name.

How do I sell an item with a digital footprint?

Alectic members who hold digital footprints can sell their physical item in the normal way and then the digital footprint can be transferred online. Alternatively members can sell their items through an affiliated company and then the digital footprint can be transferred. In order to transfer a digital footprint you will need to be registered at Level 2 membership with Alectic and have been allocated a digital footprint before you are able to pass the footprint to another user. The purchaser also needs to be registered with Alectic in order to receive the digital footprint transfer. When you want to sell an item then you simply pass on the item number and the pin code to the new owner. The new owner can then use the designated transfer links in the Accounts setting to request the digital footprint. Once the purchaser has made a request for a digital footprint then an email will be sent to the vendor’s registered email address to confirm the transfer. When the vendor verifies that the request is genuine then the transfer will complete.

How do I know that the item with a digital footprint is genuine?

All items listed on Alectic have been added by a credible source, and we limit the introduction of digital footprints to a select amount of people and corporations who have the necessary licences, rights, consents, and permissions to be authorised to list an item. We have stringent walls within our system to ensure that the integrity of our digital footprints is controlled. We also offer the use of third party affiliate companies in order to secure the transfer of merchandise between buyers and sellers.

How does the Alectic timeline work?

When a digital footprint is created for a corresponding object then our system will begin a timeline. The timeline will list who created or listed the item, the date on which the item was listed onto our website, any changes to the ownership of an item and the date when any changes occur up to the current holder of the digital footprint. For security reasons our timeline will only refer to owners of digital footprints by their Alectic member usernames.

Can people find out what property I own?

No. Alectic run a secure encrypted system behind our website, and all digital footprints are stored within our member’s personal account settings, which can only be accessed by logging into your account with individual usernames and passwords. Our membership details are limited. The only transfer of data between our members is within our timeline and we encourage our users to choose a private username in order to keep your identity hidden.

What if I don’t want a digital footprint?

When you buy or receive a product which has a related digital footprint you’re under no obligation to register the item, but we believe that it is in your interest to do so.